Silicone/Urethane Roof Rabbit High Pressure (7000psi Max)


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The Roof Rabbit is a cantilever style spraying apparatus that allows the sprayer to stay in an upright walking position minimizing back fatigue and maximizing production.  With your spray tips remaining a constant distant from spray surface at all times helps keep mil thickness more consistent. Minimum Sprayer size is 2.5 gal/min @ 6000psi. (Graco 933)

High pressure unit designed for silicone installs. Fully Tig welded, ball bearing wheels and all aluminum construction. Made in USA

All parts are silicone rated and high pressure (7250psi) rated.

Unit comes with a Graco H/D 42″ wand

Graco XTR Silicone Detail Gun

Graco 2 XHD 180 Swivels

Graco 2 XHD Tip Guards

Graco 2 XHD 829 tips

Braking Assembly

Counterweight Tool Bucket

All hoses and fittings required to operate out of the box.

Additional information

Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 48 × 36 in


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