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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Hey Guys, I’m Chad Hedrick with The Roof Rabbit. Coming from a coatings background of almost 20 years, we ran into 3 main problems: Time Efficiency, Back Fatigue and Consistent MIL Thickness. I developed the original Roof Rabbit to solve those problems for our Roofing Company. Now The Roof Rabbit is available to help you too. Let’s do a quick overview of what The Roof Rabbit is and how it can help you in your roofing operation.

The Roof Rabbit unit is a fully tig welded, aluminum frame that weighs approximately 32 lbs, depending on what gun/hose arrangements are on it. The light weight design is intentional, making it easy to get on and off the roof. It’s designed to be a cantilever style spraying system. It works especially well on Commercial Standing Seam roofs, but works on many other roof types also. The Roof Rabbit has been used on hundreds of thousands of feet of various roof types, with great success.

Let’s talk about the unit:

Adjustable Spray Tips & Tip Guards: Your tips will stay at the same height/distance from the roof at all times, providing consistent MIL thickness. The tips are adjustable/movable so you are able to create the exact spray pattern you want. Custom Hoses & Fittings are included also.

Counterweight: The counterweight keeps The Roof Rabbit upright and balanced. It also doubles as a holder for small tools. It’s adjustable, so you can move it until you find perfect balance with the pressure you are spraying at.

Left/Right Orientation: Change the orientation quickly and easily by sliding the boom through the unit. This feature creates efficiency, thus increasing production.

Upright Design: With The Roof Rabbit, you are able to stand upright and walk with the unit, versus bending over allllll day long. Many contractors have found their back fatigue is virtually eliminated when using The Roof Rabbit. The unit is also foldable and compact for storage, when not in use.

Braking System: A simple lock system prevents The Roof Rabbit from rolling off the roof when not in use.

(Included) Spray Wand, Detail Gun, Valve & Whip Hose: All the tools you need to spray efficiently, allowing you to quickly switch between the open roof and detail work. The detail gun hangs on a hook on the unit, when not in use.

The Roof Rabbit is proudly made in the USA and each unit is hand inspected before shipping. Many contractors have found The Roof Rabbit will pay for itself in one decent sized project, as it can cut their labor time up to 50% while delivering high quality, consistent results. You could say it’s “rabbitlution-izing” the Roof Coatings industry. Hop over to and check it out today!



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